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Select which Mystery Reef Box best fits your reef keeping needs and subscribe. Don't forget to unbox, share and you to can win our monthly contest #happyreefing


"Every time I open one of these boxes, it reminds me just how much I have to learn. You have put together something, in every box, that I either need or will need. Not a single thing has gone to waste. The value is fantastic and I look forward to the surprise every month."  - Gabes Reef Tampa

Nano Mystery Reef Box

The Nano Mystery Reef Box is very similar to the Original Mystery Reef Box but geared towards hobbyist with smaller tanks. The Nano box has a strong focus on product education and exclusive video content for newer hobbyist wanting to learn more about reef keeping.

Mystery Reef Box

The Original Mystery Reef Box, which is best known for being our "value box" that will arrive at your door every month with a variety of aquarium gear, fish food and much more. Geared towards midsize tanks with hobbyist looking to take the next step in reef keeping.

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