Mystery Reef Box

The freshest thing to happen to reef tanks since RO/DI water...


What is Mystery Reef Box?

MRB is a subscription box where every month you get a box is filled with aquarium gear, fish food and other essential items that will help you maintain your reef tank. It doesn't matter if you have a nano reef or a 500 gallon. Mystery Reef Box has something for everyone.

Share and Win Prizes

Also every month we have a contest to win additional aquarium gear. All you need to do to enter our contest is create a video of you unboxing your MRB and share it on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.

Exclusive discounts for MRB subscribers

Every month MRB subscribers will get a discount code for 10% off all products in the MRB Store as well as other exclusive deals.

Customer Reviews


Your packaging this month was awesome!!! Very professional I wait to buy products till I get my box and have loved everyone. Great mix of needed and useful items and will continue this awesome service!! The only Improvement for me would be that I could really use in tank glass clean supplies. Other then that, I love mystery reef box and can’t wait for my next box to come.  -Scott Floyd


All but one item i already had something similar. Not that it’s a bad thing I will definitely try them. It’s definitely worthy of 5 stars the products are great. -Michael Boyd


Everything included in this first shipment was above and beyond!!! I can’t wait to see what the future brings!!! -Sean Buckley


"Every time I open one of these boxes, it reminds me just how much I have to learn. You have put together something, in every box, that I either need or will need. Not a single thing has gone to waste. The value is fantastic and I look forward to the surprise every month."  - Gabes Reef Tampa